Saturday, May 5, 2012

What's been going on

Easter afternoon
The 2 "K's" on Easter

Easter Baskets given the day after Easter. We dyed our eggs, opened Easter baskets, and did our Easter Egg hunt the day after.  (Sure made for some cheaper baskets! )

All the Alma ladies at Serenity's Easter egg hunt

Blake dressed up for his Titanic play at church - He did such a good job!
Jakeb had to go to the ER for stitches. He was messing around at church, and he collided his teeth through his lip into his brother Kaleb's head.

 momma and the girls.

 Indy Children's museum - Lego display

Blake and Peyton

 Zak and Mommy on the carousel at the museum

Look who's sitting up now!!

Eric and I at the Rave getting ready to watch the AVENGERS!!  (yup, got a new do!)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Life in general

Life has been great and of course slightly crazy, trying to balance 6 kids and a newborn, homeschooling 4 1/2 of them. (Yes, four and a half. Poor Makenna gets shafted half the time but since she's only four it's okay. The boys didn't start school until Kindergarten.)
We just added a little more craziness to our lives by going to Gatlinburg for a week, and boy was that fun. We seriously just vegged at our chalet the entire time. I think we went out to eat twice while we were there. We did a little hiking, but like I said most of the time was just relaxing.
However, now we're trying to get back into the swing of things, and that is sometimes hard when you don't want to get back in the swing. We would all much rather be on vacation!
Anyways, here's some pics of the past couple of months. Maybe eventually I'll get to posting about Christmas, birthdays, and Zak's birth, but for now... this is all I got for ya!
 all 7 at our chalet
 Blake's motto

 daddy playing with his girls (I think he makes a great Flynn!)

 the last night there, they realized that they could squeeze behind the hideaway bed on the sofa. It definitely made for a fun hiding place
 Our favorite restaraunt in Gatlingburg
 the view outside our chalet. Cute, huh?
 my new "mommy' do
 Happy boy
Don't you just want to squeeze him?
(These are all my Instagram pics from my phone simply because they are so much easier to load!)