Sunday, August 30, 2009

The latest in-law visit.

The in-laws came down this weekend, and we had a very nice visit. The kids were especially stoked because they've seen their grandparents 3 times in less than two months. Let's see, we managed to squeeze in garage saling, Chick-fil-A, Montgomery Inn, and a park into Friday. And then today we got Wright Patterson Air Force Museum, Chilis, and a visit with my grandma.Because we had such a large party, and because no one had reserved this room, we were able to have a nice room all to ourselves at Montgomery Inn for free. Shoot, I never want to eat any other way again. Then we discovered a new park on the way back home that we all stopped at to let the kids play. It was a pretty cool park. I wanted to go play, but I was holding Klaire. Here's some pics from the Air Force Museum
....and Jakeb fell asleep at Chilis after eating his food.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

I love his Personality

He's got a great imagination. Here's he's being crazy in front of a mirror at the house of mirrors. He's definitely spoiled or at least knows how to get what he wants. He took a sip of his Aunt Jen's drink, and well.....did a little backwash resulting in Aunt Jen giving him the rest of the pop! Smart kid, huh? This is not Makenna holding him. This is little Jesse at the family reunion that we went to in July. She desperately wanted to give him a hug, and this is how he reacted! He sometimes tries to be like his big brother, Blake, and not like girls. But you've seen how he dotes on his sisters, so he can't fool anyone. I told him to stand like a pirate since he had his pirate boots on. He told me that he didn't know how to stand like a pirate, but he did know how to stand like a cowboy! Apparently, this is how cowboys stand! Speaking of's my little cowboy!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Garage Sale Gallery

So my friend Deb emailed me a link to a craigslist posting which said they had tons of girl's stuff. I don't need anymore stuff for girls...but...........I simply couldn't resist. Then they had this closet organizer for $3 and the mobile for $2. Then they had some other stuff that I got too like shoes for $1 and that big bag of socks for $3. (I always lose their socks when they are so little.) I used to have a bath sling, but I sold it on CraigsList, so I really did need another one. It was $5. Oh yeah, I got the toy box for $15 after bargaining her down from $20. It's HUGE. They had this pink excersaucer that I thought would be great to keep downstairs when we start school for only $15, plus someone gave me some money to get Klaire a gift, so it actually counts as free, right? I got these princess dresses and the backpack all for $2. What girl doesn't need princess dresses??? And the backpack..well, pretty soon we'll be in a new church building and the girls will be in separate nurseries, so I thought this would work out for Makenna's diaper bag. Now for Blake's deals: He has been saving up his money, and when we went garage saling yesterday and today, here's what he got. He bought himself a like new Gameboy color with case and 4/5 games for $15. (It was actually $20, but he asked if they would take $15. What a bargainer!) He got this little red drawer thingy and some small toys for like $3. And then the big shark and Alligator for $1 each.

3 in 2 days

I guess you could say that we had a "park weekend." We ended up going to the park three times in two days. The first was Friday night when Eric announced at the spur of the moment that we were all going to a park nearby our house. We ended up walking the trail around the soccer field and then let the kids play at the park. Then Eric introduced the kids to chicken fighting.

I love Jakeb's stance in this one as though there his Daddy couldn't make him fall off. I love Eric's faces that he made while chicken fighting the kids. Then after garage saling on Saturday morning, and I mean bright and early on Saturday morning, we stopped at Fort Liberty which is one of the kids all time favorite parks.

Check out this other picture from one of the last time we went to the park. It was when Makenna was a little baby, so she wasn't in the last one. Check it out HERE. I can't believe how much they've grown!

Gotta love the boots!

Later that day when daddy kept falling asleep on the couch with kids around him..(he had a all day church work-day.)...I took the kids to the park that was affectionately dubbed the "chicken park" again so they could play, so daddy could get some sleep. And then I caught these cute pictures of Makenna and Luke on the swing. Look at him kissing her head!

Simply Angelic

Could she be any sweeter?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Vinyl Rub-ons

I love these things. I've used them twice now in my house. Here's the most recent one that I did in my bedroom above my dresser. Here's the other place I used them in my house. I got mine at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off. And believe it or not...they're not that hard to do, and they look sooooo pretty.

Stinkin' cute!

Makenna's been a real ham lately....getting into dressing up and also getting into places that she shouldn't be.

Of course, she usually gets help getting in some places.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

a new look, and a new blog

Well, it finally happened! After four years, I finally ran out of picture space on my old blog, so I had to start a new one. (Thankfully, Eric had a gmail account that I could start over with.) And I figured while I was at it, I would give it a new look. I think it's a lot more fun, huh? I also made the internet address as easy as simply adding a 2 to the original address. See, I love my blog readers! And since no blog post is complete without a's some pictures of a very proud big brother. He sure does love his little baby sister.