Monday, October 31, 2011

parky's farm

We took a small field trip this week simply because the kids finished school in record time one day. So, we ventured out to Parky's Barn!

They were taking the horse back to the barn.

Jakeb was cracking up that the horse kept sticking his head through the fence and eating grass on the other side. You know what they always say..."the grass is greener on the other side!"

Blake with his John Deere shirt on

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Festival

We usually all go every year, but this year Blake and his dad didn't want to go, and some other son of ours got in trouble so he couldn't go, so it was just the five of us. Ha! that still sounds like a big number. We didn't make it to the pony rides and petting farm part like previous years, but the kids still had a lot of fun.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


We had a blast on vacation! We were able to stay for two weeks in Florida this year, and oh my word, none of us wanted to come home. We.....

Flew high in the sky

visited the big ball
...threw a fit when we saw some Fairies
....saw the big castle
....saw the best princess
.....saw the Mickey's magic hat
....dropped 13 stories
....rode Mt. Everest

....did some river rafting
...went on a Safari Expedition
...rode lots of trams and buses ...visited the Atlantic with sand on our faces

...wrote our names in the sand

..stayed at a great resort with fantastic water slides!

...did a lot of swimming...almost everyday...
....did a little make-believe (Go Chewbacca!)
...flipped on water slides with babies
....competed in who could build the tallest ice cream dish
....won who could build the tallest ice cream dish

....hung out at some great pirate ships
....saw SHAMU!!!!!!
....met some sea lions and walruses

....almost got in a shipwreck
.....made new friends

...and even built new friends. We can't wait to go back and visit them.

This is obviously just a few of the things we did, but we definitely made lasting memories there.

Pumpkin patch

Enjoyed our annual visit to Shaw farms again. We went with the Hoffer's who were in town visiting!!! (Love those people!)

Look at how much they've grown in a couple of years. Check it out here.

fall pics

Here's the fall pics I took at Sharonwoods this year. I took some last year too, but I never got around to posting them on the blog. I love taking pictures there in the fall. It's so BEAUTIFUL! And of course, when you have adorable kiddos it makes for AWESOME pictures! I'd love to say that all these pictures were done willingly by the kids but that would be lying! There was much bribing going on! ha!
The girls just climbed on their brothers without being told for this one!
This one of them looking at each other is one of my favorites!

Can I just say that the girls cooperated a lot better than the boys did?

I love this one too. We took about 7 jumping pictures, and then I photoshopped the best jumps together!