Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kaleb's birthday

div>We were in Michigan for Kaleb's b-day again this year, so he lucked out and got two birthdays. We celebrated at home on the Tuesday before his b-day. He chose to go to Golden Corral to celebrate (which was great cause that meant I didn't have to make a cake!) He ended up getting a cake from his Grandma Alma which was ten times better than anything I could have made. This set of gifts was from Blake. The $1 and rock were taped on the Reindeer's back! Loved it. Oh, and don't forget the spooky SPIDER on the left.

His stash from everybody.

Check out that Pirate!

He loved the costume so much that he wanted to wear it to bed!

These are from Michigan on his actual birthday. Isn't the cake great? And this would be his goody box from T-Rex.

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  1. OH that is an age thing Abby would have done the same thing slept in her outfit. Man can you believe how big they are now?