Thursday, April 1, 2010

Picnic at the park

Last Saturday Eric wanted to take a picnic at the park since it was such a beautiful day. I so was not feeling the whole picnic thing. But he had the idea to just take brats and chips, and we could just grill out. I tried to convince him that it was gonna be a lot of work, but he said, "What's so hard about it? We take the brats, mustard, and ketchup, and all should be good. " Yeah, right....

So within a couple of hours, Eric grabbed the stuff that he wanted to take and placed it on the counter. I saw it there, and figured that I would go ahead and put it in a bag. All kids were ready to go, so off we go, but not before Eric asked me if I had the lighter and to make sure it worked. So, I ran into my scrapbook room to get the lighter that I use for my candles all the time.

Off we went to Kroger to run in and get some charcoal. Half way to Kroger, I realized that we had forgotten the Brats. They weren't on the counter when I was putting them in the bags, and I had forgotten to get them out of the fridge. We get to Kroger and Eric runs in to get the food. As I'm sitting in the car feeding Klaire, I remember that we didn't have any hot dog buns. I give Klaire to Luke, and run inside hoping to find Eric right away. Thankfully, I did, and thankfully the man is brilliant and knew that we didn't have hot dog buns.

After Kroger we head back home to get the brats. One might ask why we didn't just get new ones, but our grill broke last summer, and no one at home is big on brats unless they're from the grill. Eric had just bought the mega pack at Costco, so we just decided to use them. Anyways, we grab the brats and off to the park we go.

After unloading everything, Eric asks for the lighter. I give it to him and take the kids to the play area. Blake comes over about 5 minutes later and tells me that daddy is not happy because the lighter doesn't work. What??? The lighter doesn't work? I use it all the time. How could it not work. I go over to where he is and discover that he has already discovered....the lighter does not work. Needless to say, Eric was not too happy especially since he told me to make sure it worked. After shifting the blame back and forth in a not to kindly fashion along with the lighter, poor Eric had to go to the UDF around the corner just to get something to light the grill. AHHHHH!!!!!

If only he would have believed me! Nothing is easy for us.

But anyways, after all that drama we did succeed to have a good time at the park minus one more incident involving a biker mom and a boy that destroyed Jakeb's sandcastle. (long story....but it all ended well.)

Here's some pics from the day.

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