Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not Me Monday - a little late

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

MckMama has this Not Me Monday thing going where you list all the crazy things that you "didn't" do.

I did not not have the following conversation with Jakeb yesterday:

"Jakeb your yellow shirt does not match with your red, white, and blue plaid shorts. There's no yellow on there."

"Yes there is, Mom, Look." He did not proceed to show me a small mustard stain on the inside of this thigh."

I definitely did not proceed to laugh heartily out loud. Man, that kid makes me laugh.

I also did not start this post with the intent of writing something, and then completely forget what it was that I was gonna write. I am NOT frantically searching my brain trying to remember. (The above story is simply a story I thought of afterwards, a good story nonetheless, but not the one I was planning on.)

I did not save this post only to come back to it later hoping that I could remember still, and my brain is still failing me! Oh well! Such is life.

Oh, but here's a good one...... I did not think it would be hilariously funny to take a picture of my husband with his head in this hole. We did not have a slight hole in the main water hole. It did not take us over two weeks to figure out why we had this one wet spot in our yard. He did not have to dig almost 4 feet down to find the pipe, and when he did I did not run and get my camera. That would be just plain awful! What kind of wife would I be?

all right, so have not given up on trying to remember the original reason for this post. I will not keep trying to remember it until the middle of the night when I'm sure I'll not gasp and say...."OH...yeah, now I rememeber. I'll save it for next week," and then I'm sure that I'll not forget it again next week too.

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