Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ER Visit

Well, it happened, finally. We had to take one of hte kids to the ER to get staples. Funny thin is, I always thought it would be a boy that it happened to, but nope, it was Klaire, the little dare-devil herself. I'm telling you she's gonna be the death of me.
We were at Taco Bell, and she decided to climb on a stool like her big sister had. I remember watching her climb up there, and thinking, "This is not a good idea, Klaire." Next thing I know, she was on the ground with the heavy stool on top of her. I picked her up trying to soothe her and then I saw blood everywhere. Ahhhh!!! I'm so not a blood person. So, I rushed home, had Eric look at it, and then took her to the ER. Of course, by the time we got to the ER you wouldn't have known anything was wrong with her at all. She was completely back to her own self. Ha!

She required two staples, and man, are those grossing me out. I want to put a bow on top, so I don't have to see them, but I guess that wouldn't be such a great idea, huh?

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