Monday, May 3, 2010


We go outside to play, and inevitably every single time the boys start fighting about what to play. One wants to play baseball, the other sword fighting. One wants to ride bikes, the other hunt for bugs. Then they decide to do one, and within just a few minutes, they are fighting and saying, "I'm not going to play anymore." Then they will come and sit on the porch and pout, or they'll come and tattle to me as though I didn't just hear the whole thing happen. I'm telling you it's constant, and it DRIVES ME CRAZY! So the other day, I chose what they were going to do. They were going to race. I had enough of their silly bickering about what to do, and I told them they were going to have races and that was that! They were able to race all different kinds of ways like a bunny, a bear, even an airplane. Even Makenna joined in on the fun.

Now Makenna will stand in a get-ready to run stance, and say, "Go?" She'll even do it in the house which gets all her brothers to join in on the action of a race indoors!

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