Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All of us in Michigan

When the 2 1/2 weeks were up, we went to get our boys. It was actually a three purpose visit. One, to get the boys, Two, to drop off the younger boys, and three to go to the annual Ayers Family reunion (Eric's mom's side).

We went to this awesome water park on Friday called Thunder Falls, and boy did the kids have a blast...okay, and the adults.

Saturday was the reunion,

We also did a little four wheelin' in the SUV while we were there. The kids were taking turns sticking their heads through the sunroof. There were some major puddles, and we were splashing our way through them. A couple of times the kids got sprayed with mud. Talk about fun!

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  1. This photo of ypu, your kids and husband is really beautifull. Your family look splendidly ( I don't know if I used right word)