Friday, April 29, 2011

Catch Up on Birthdays!!

Luke's birthday
The Big 9 - He chose this year to go to Golden Corral. I mean, who doesn't want all you can eat desserts on their birthday? His birthday, I think was on a Wednesday this year, so we went to Golden Corral the night before cause kids are only $1.99, and then we had his cake on Wednesday, so he still got to blow out his candles!

Luke's games and Webkinz - his two favorite things!

Marshan's Birthday

Eric took me out overnight to Indy to a fabulous place. It was all a complete surprise where we were going. When we pulled in, I wasn't too impressed. Then we stepped inside, and this is only one of the FABULOUS things that I saw IN OUR ROOM. He also took me out to dinner at St. Elmo's. Yum.

Kaleb's b-day - 6
He chose to do Papa John's for his b-day dinner. That kid loves that place.

His Cake

Kaleb and his presents - Imaginext Toy Story stuff, some 90% off Halloween costumes, and a puzzle!

After his birthday, Kaleb had a small party.

His party cake

The guests at the party

Eric's B-day the big 40!!!

His mom sent this cake topper. It as supposed to light up, bloom, spin, and play music. The only thing it actually did was make a flame that was almost touching the ceiling and start melting the plastic! I started to freak out, and blew it out before he got a chance. Poor guy. After we blew it out it then started to bloom and do all the stuff I mentioned. Who knew it was a fire hazard? Crazy!

Can you guess what this it?

The kids and I made the banner for him!


  1. I live right outside of Indy. I live about 45 minutes from where you went for your bdy. My hubby works about 5 minutes from there!

  2. You show us pictures of the amazing place you spent your birthday and don't even tell us the name so we can hint to our husbands?

    Glad your blogging again, I always enjoy reading your post.