Saturday, August 22, 2009

Garage Sale Gallery

So my friend Deb emailed me a link to a craigslist posting which said they had tons of girl's stuff. I don't need anymore stuff for girls...but...........I simply couldn't resist. Then they had this closet organizer for $3 and the mobile for $2. Then they had some other stuff that I got too like shoes for $1 and that big bag of socks for $3. (I always lose their socks when they are so little.) I used to have a bath sling, but I sold it on CraigsList, so I really did need another one. It was $5. Oh yeah, I got the toy box for $15 after bargaining her down from $20. It's HUGE. They had this pink excersaucer that I thought would be great to keep downstairs when we start school for only $15, plus someone gave me some money to get Klaire a gift, so it actually counts as free, right? I got these princess dresses and the backpack all for $2. What girl doesn't need princess dresses??? And the backpack..well, pretty soon we'll be in a new church building and the girls will be in separate nurseries, so I thought this would work out for Makenna's diaper bag. Now for Blake's deals: He has been saving up his money, and when we went garage saling yesterday and today, here's what he got. He bought himself a like new Gameboy color with case and 4/5 games for $15. (It was actually $20, but he asked if they would take $15. What a bargainer!) He got this little red drawer thingy and some small toys for like $3. And then the big shark and Alligator for $1 each.

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