Monday, August 24, 2009

I love his Personality

He's got a great imagination. Here's he's being crazy in front of a mirror at the house of mirrors. He's definitely spoiled or at least knows how to get what he wants. He took a sip of his Aunt Jen's drink, and well.....did a little backwash resulting in Aunt Jen giving him the rest of the pop! Smart kid, huh? This is not Makenna holding him. This is little Jesse at the family reunion that we went to in July. She desperately wanted to give him a hug, and this is how he reacted! He sometimes tries to be like his big brother, Blake, and not like girls. But you've seen how he dotes on his sisters, so he can't fool anyone. I told him to stand like a pirate since he had his pirate boots on. He told me that he didn't know how to stand like a pirate, but he did know how to stand like a cowboy! Apparently, this is how cowboys stand! Speaking of's my little cowboy!

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