Monday, January 11, 2010

Not me Monday

It is NOT me who is so behind in blogging. I have posted all my Christmas posts and a ton of other miscellaneous posts.

It was not me who desperately wanted to laugh when I saw my Grandma in her motorized wheelchair pinning my daughter between the wheelchair and a recliner. The wheel of the wheelchair was also not on top of my youngest son's foot only causing me to inwardly laugh. After all was fixed, I most definitely did not start laughing when I was in my car replaying the whole scene of Grandma screeching Makenna screaming, and Kaleb moaning.

We were not at Toys R Us last where Kaleb decided to climb on the side of the cart causing the entire cart with baby Klaire in her pumpkin seat and Makenna in the basket to topple over. I did not simply correct the cart, put Klaire back on the cart, and then proceed to lecture Kaleb about climbing on the cart. He should know better. This was most definitely not our THIRD time in a matter of six years that this has happened to us. (Toys R Us really should have safer carts.) There was definitely no one watching me to see me scold my son. The most definitely did not think I was the worse mom ever for scolding him before checking that he was all right.

I did not think it was funny when my husband told me that when he was watching the kids and Makenna came out holding the mouse trap. The mouse trap was not locked into position to snap at just the right moment. Makenna was not proudly displaying the mouse trap because she has definitely never seen a mouse that was caught in the trap because we would never have mice in our house. We have definitely not CAUGHT 6 mice in the past two 1/2 weeks. That would be gross. Anyways, back to the story. I definitely did not laugh at the image of Makenna holding the trap and the image of Eric freaking out telling her to put it down. That wouldn't be funny at all. It would be gross.

And one from the hubby: Eric would also never encourage our son to eat about 7 Jalapenos at one time and not let him take a drink for 30 seconds just so he could win $20.

And there you have it...our week in a nutshell.

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