Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not me Monday

This was not the conversation that I heard the other day between Blake and his father while building a ferris wheel with K'nex.

Dad, I think we're doing this wrong. We need to put this here.

No, Blake, that can't be right. That wouldn't make sense.

But Dad, that's what the instructions say.

No Blake, it's not the right way.

But Dad...I'll bet you a hundred dollars that that we need to build another one.

Blake, Fine, Whatever. If I hear another word about it, you're gonna get in trouble. It's not the right way.

Okay, Dad.

I also did not hear this conversation about 10 minutes later.

Blake, how in the world could you have known that?

What?? I'm right? I'm right? I get a HUNDRED bucks!! Yeah!!!!!!

I also did not spend about 2 hours building this Lego Eiffel Tower because Jakeb wanted to build it. Jakeb did not quit after about 10 minutes because he didn't realize how long it would take. I did not LOVE every minute of building it because Legos were not my favorite toys growing up.

I have not been trying to potty train Makenna. I also haven't been getting frustrated doing it. Makenna does not get upset when I try to put a diaper back on her after she's been wearing a pull-up for awhile. On one certain night, she did not start to throw a fit when I was putting a diaper on her for bedtime. She did not keep saying that she wanted a pull-up over and over. She also did not get in trouble for throwing a fit. She did not continue to cry for quite sometime only to fall asleep in her bed. Later that night she did not come into my room in the middle of the night saying...poo-poo. I did not try to shoo her back to bed. I immediately jumped up to help her. She did not keep saying..Poo-poo and pulling at her little nightgown. I did not finally realize that she did not have a diaper on any longer only to find myself jumping up out of bed and running to her room expecting to find "poo-poo" somewhere. Upon arriving in her room, I did not check her entire room looking for "poo-poo." Makenna finally made her way back to her room, but she did NOT point to the floor where she had taken off her DIAPER and said once again poo-poo! That little girl did NOT trick me just so she could get her way to put on her pull-up in the middle of the night!

We are also very good parents. We are not unsafe in any way. My husband did NOT pull out the two mattresses and stack them on top of each other. The plan was NOT to have a contest to see who could have the best dive off the dining room table! We would never let our kids stand on our table, and absolutely NEVER run across the table.

I also did not wait an entire week to take Klaire's "doll" pictures. I always do it on the exact day my daughters turn the next month.

I do not have this lingering thing for chewing ice. I have not been chewing ice since about 3 months before Klaire was born. And because of this new thing, I did not dislocate two fillings causing me to have to go to the dreaded dentist where he gave me a shot of Novocaine, drilled and sanded my poor little teeth. He also did not actually say the words, "I need one a little more coarse," while referring to a sanding tool. That would of course not freak me out at all because everyone LOVES to hear that someone is sanding down their teeth, their front teeth at that.

I also did not proceed to break my glasses while I was at the dentist. What's really funny is that I have been to the eye doctor every year of course. I would never go almost 5 years without going to the eye doctor. I love going to the eye doctor almost as much as I love going to the dentist. My poor little glasses were not held together with superglue for the past 5 months, and like I said, they did not finally come apart at the dentist. I did not call my babysitter and ask her to stay a little longer with the girls. I also did not take FOUR boys with me to the eye doctor to get a exam and 2 new pairs of glasses. (They truly had a great deal going on.)

I also did not go get my hair cut this week resulting in a haircut that a tad bit on the short side for me. Oh well..... (oh, yeah, and in the above pictures...my hair is not sticking straight up!)

Oh, and this is not two 1/2 weeks, possibly even three weeks worth of Not me's put together in one post because I'm always on top of my blogging!


  1. Hi ~ came across your blog through MckMama :) We homeschool our 5....hopefully 6 one day!!! As I was reading your post 'Flint' saw the knex ferris wheel picture and he said "I have that! I have that! I bet they homeschool like us!!!" Kids are funny! Have a great week! EMichelle