Thursday, September 24, 2009

day 6

Hollywood Studios a.k.a. MGM Studios (Why they changed the name is beyond me!) Man, this was probably one of the best days of vacations. The park wasn't crowded, and it wasn't too hot outside. I think saw all the attractions that we wanted, and we rode all the rides. In fact the boys rode Tower of Terror and the Rock it Roller coaster three times each! We literally walked on the rides. It was great. Since Kaleb was too small to ride the roller coaster, he go stuck with me and the girls and had to watch Beauty and the Beast. Believe it or not, he said it wasn't too bad. Anyways, if you asked any of the children, they would all say that they liked MGM (ahem...Hollywood Studios) better than Magic Kingdom, and I can guarantee that Eric liked it better too (because there were no dizzy teacups to make him sick there at MGM).

daddy and kids (minus one)
mommy and kids

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