Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day w/ a Not me Monday post

We did not go to McDonald's where Kaleb fell and hurt his foot. He did not insist that he couldn't walk on it the rest of the day which means that we did NOT carry him most of the time when we were out which meant that we were carrying 2-3 kids. And there was not a time when Eric left me with the three younger ones - one in a sling, one holding my hand, and one on my back! Oh, and later that day we definitely did not put him in the buggy part of the shopping cart at Walmart especially since all the signs on the cart discourage that.

We did not take the kids to the Loveland Park and then to the Loveland Castle on Labor Day. (FYI: The Historic Loveland Castle is such a great little place. It was all built by one man, and it took him 50 years to do it.) I did not walk all over the entire place with baby Klaire in my sling. At the end right before we left, there was not a lady who came up and invaded my personal space to tell me that my zipper was not zipped! I'm sure no one would know that I had PINK underwear on that day!

We also did not have the boys race back to the truck (besides the ailing Kaleb), only to have one boy trip over another boy then that boy did not push into another boy, and that boy definitely did not fall and let out a Blood-curdling girl scream causing the entire establishment to stop and stare. There were no tears and no more screaming that followed. (However, I truly think that Blake falling took the attention away from the crazy woman walking around with her zipper down.)

I also would never make fun of Jakeb's fro by taking pictures of him. We did not comb it out making it stand up almost 2 inches on his head. I did not proceed to cut the sides of his hair only to cause him to look like a mushroom head. He loved this entire procedure and laughed happily the whole time.

(In all honestly, I did cut it off right after I took the picture.)

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