Thursday, September 15, 2011

Homeschool Week 3 - Ocean Theme part one

In celebration of going to Florida next week, I'm doing an ocean theme. (We're planning on going to Sea World and to the beach, so I thought it would be very fun!) I got all of my printable stuff on-line at various sites. I'll try to link them up if I remember.
We made an ocean in a bottle which didn't turn out exactly like I wanted which is very sad considering it said VERY EASY, but apparently I'm just not that smart with stuff like that!! The kids liked it still.

Here's Kaleb acting all shy for the camera. He had just finished his first attempt at a number sequencing puzzle. (extremely easy for him, but was something new!)

Makenna's number sequence puzzle found here
Playdoh sea urchins - She had to find the right number to the right toothpicks urchin. Lauri Pegs
Kaleb and Klaire's creation

Read, build, and Write mats. I just discovered these, and I think they are Fabulouso!! They read the word (which happens to be ocean words for the week), they build them out of letters. I had some letter tiles in my scrapbooking supplies that I had bought forever ago at Michael's that I grabbed for this. And then they write it out at the bottom. It's great!

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