Monday, September 19, 2011

Play Doh Mats

I found these fabulous Playdoh mats from here.And they have a ton more. They have them for everything: numbers, cursive letters, printing letters, addition, subtractions, clocks, and just a bunch of other fun activities like the ocean theme. They're awesome, and they're FREE!

Now let me be clear. I HATE/ABHOR Playdoh. We've had Playdoh in the past and I ended up throwing it all away because it just ended up all over, dried up, or all mixed up. I vowed I would never, never, never buy Playdoh again. So for me to break my vow of never buying Play doh again, well...they must be cool mats. They even have face ones that you can make your own faces on the mats. How fun is that? I'm loving them, so I broke down and bought not just one package of Playdoh, but 3 packages of 4 meaning I'm now the owner of 12 cans of Playdoh. Ahhh!!!! The kids love them though, and so's not too messy.

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