Sunday, September 4, 2011

Memorial Day

The plan was to hook up the inflatable water slide we have, but after being in the shed all winter long...well...let's just say it had had better days. So we got a new pool. It started out in front yard, moved to the back yard, and then actually got moved one more time. These pictures are my favorite because they're when the kids were BEGGING me to take pictures. Yes, you heard me right....BEGGING me to take pictures of them running and jumping in to the pools. You sould see some of the pictures I have of them. I only posted a few.

It never failed Jakeb always had the best jumps.

Here was Blake most of the time. He didn't want to get in. He says he's not a "pool person."

Later that evening we went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2! Who-hoo! We all thought it was great, and we loved how they left it open at the end to have a third one. I think Blake was the most super excited one about it (which is funny considering he REFUSED to watch the first on for the longest time. In fact when we were once going to the theater to watch a movie as a family with our friend George, we all had to choose between Kung Fu Panda and Wall E, and would you believe that Blake influenced us to watch Wall E. Man, were Eric and George dying in that movie).

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