Sunday, July 18, 2010

Great Grandma's b-day

My grandma turned 96 this past Wednesday. We went up there to give her some flowers and a balloon. When we got there we found out that she had been at the hospital because she had fallen and hit her head, and they were concerned. She tried to tell them that she was fine, but they wouldn't listen to her. (Please note that the facility did call and leave me a message, but I hadn't been home all day, so I didn't get it. They were on top of it.) So bless her heart, she was stuck in the hospital for part of her birthday. She said they checked her for everything. She actually used some terminology that I didn't approve. Let's just say that they checked her from backside all the way up to her head. Anyways, when she got back to her facility, they had a awesome hat waiting for her. Happy Birthday, Grandma!

This 94 year old man, asked Grandma is she wanted a birthday kiss. Of course, my spunky grandma said yes. He then asked if she wanted a kiss on the lips or cheek, and then he didn't even wait for a reply. The lips it was!!!!

The pretty flowers.

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