Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monster Truck Jam

Jakeb had a choice for his birthday. He could have a party or he could go to the MONSTER JAM truck show in Cincinnati. I had seen it on TV, and it said that kid's tickets were only $5. (Yeah, right!) Anyways, he chose the Monster Jam. After Eric searched and searched and searched (Did I mention he searched?) for tickets, he finally found some good seats on CraigList for two. Boy was Jakeb pumped. It was funny because Eric put the tickets on his plate to surprise him at dinner time, and he moved them off his plate twice not realizing what they were. We had to tell him what they were, and then he was excited. They had an amazing time. Poor Eric was a little deaf, but Jakeb's ears were safe with his monster headphones. Jakeb came home telling me all about it, and how cool it was, and how he was so happy that he had made the right choice and how he was glad that he didn't choose the birthday party because Monster Trucks are the COOLEST. He wants to go back next year for his birthday again! (Can you guys believe that I persuaded Eric to take the camera to take pictures?)

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