Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I told the kids a long time ago that I was going to wake them up late at night one night and take them out to eat. Jakeb was the first on to get to go. I went in there about 1:00 in the morning and gently shook him. He simply rolled over. I shook him again trying to coax him awake, but nothing. Finally after what seemed like forever, ( I actually almost gave up.) he woke up. I handed him his shoes (although he doesn't remember how he got his shoes!), and we left for I-HOP. Oh my word, have you ever been to I-HOP and gotten their Cinna-stacks! YUMMY! Anyways, Jakeb was so excited about going once he realized what was going on. He got a Funny Face pancake. Check it out. Cute, huh? (I had taken my real camera, but had left the battery plugged in at home. Whoops! Brilliant, huh? That's why these pictures were taken on my phone.)

Now the deal was we couldn't tell anyone about our adventure, so we now have a code sign for I-HOP


  1. Love it! You are such a good mommy!

    Not take this comment; copy and paste somewhere to look at on the days that you don't feel as such :) Cuz I know we all have them :)