Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Floating shoe

We went to Sharonwoods this past week, and, of course, we had to check out the falls. Because of all the recent rain, the falls were pretty heavy. Normally my kids walk across the creek on the rocks, but not this time. I was relishing the idea of having to jump in and swim after one as they went down the river. (I've already had to jump in once, not doing it again. You can read about that HERE if you missed out on it before!)
Anyways, the kids were allowed to put their hands in the water, and just kinda look at the falls. Unfortunately, it wasn't too exciting for them. Some of them found a spot where they ended up getting covered in mud, so I had to let the rinse off their feet, hands, and shoes in the water. Next thing I know, Jakeb's saying, "Mom, get my shoe, my shoe, my shoe." Well this mom did not "get the shoe," and off it floated down the creek. Poor Jakeb started chasing it but then ran out of rocks to run on. He got to the edge and thought he saw a snake, screamed, and dropped his other shoe.
Poor guy. I felt a little bad for him because the walk back to the SUV was a little muddy, but oh well.. I wasn't jumping in to get no shoe. We were getting ready to leave, and Jakeb asked me to get his other shoe which he had left on a rock after seeing a "snake." Being the nice mother that I am, I went down there to get it. I picked it up, and glanced out to the creek to see it's matching mate floating down the creek. But lo, and behold, the current was making it circle back toward us. There was a chance I could save the shoe! Yay! We got a big stick and tried reaching it, but the place we were standing on was too steep and too muddy to reach it. Then all of sudden it was like God gave it a tiny push, and pushed it right back to where Jakeb had originally dropped his other shoe, and we were able to get it. Yay!!! Jakeb was so excited! Shoot, I was excited. I hated the idea of his Croc going down the creek!
Here's his green Croc floating down the creek. It's smack dagb in the middle of the picture. You can barely make it out!

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