Thursday, May 26, 2011


This is the story of a little boy who didn't listen to his mommy.

A little boy named Jakeb had a very bad habit. He liked to put little things in his mouth, things like small legos, K-nex, and sometimes coins. Everytime his mom would notice things in his mouth she would tell him to get them out. She would say, "Jakeb, you shouldn't do that because you could swallow and choke on those little pieces."

Well, one day Jakeb ran into the kitchen crying, "Mom, I swallowed a Lego. I swallowed a Lego."

The mom replied, "Well, Jakeb, I told you not to put things in your mouth."

"What should I do, Mom?" asked the concerned little boy.

"Well, you might die," teased the mom knowing perfectly well what happens to small pieces that a little boy swallows.

"Oh NO!" wailed Jakeb. Jakeb then pulled off an amazing feat. A feat that I ever never seen before by a human. He managed to pretend he was a cat (while screaming) and he coughed up that tiny Lego just like it was hairball. The whole process took about 10 seconds and poor Jakeb was as red as a beet, but needless to say, that Lego will never be finding its way into the toilet!

A note from the author: Yes I know that telling my child that he could die was mean. I was hoping that it would encourage him to never put anything in his mouth again. Did it work? Nope, I caught him today with something in his mouth again.

PS. I did tell him afterwards that he wasn't going to die.

PPS. This story reminds me of my childhood when I accidentally dropped a marble in my mouth. Yes, accidentally. I was lying on the floor looking at a marble holding it over my face, and whoops, in and down it went. I was horrified. I was sure I was going to die that day. I remember getting to go to the park that day, and I just sat on the swing thinking, "I'm going to die today. This is my last day to live." Pretty pathetic, huh? Obviously, I made it through that tragedy!

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