Tuesday, May 3, 2011


For those of you who don't know, Eric has a side business called Pyroboom. He found a new place in Indianapolis to buy the tubes, and so we made a day trip of it, and went to the Children's Museum. It was a complete surprise for the kids. For some reason they love to go with their dad when he goes to buy tubes. I personally think that like it because, one...they get to watch movies in the car, and two... they get to go out to eat with their dad. So when he said we were all going this time, they really didn't think too much of it. Then we pulled into the parking lot, and boy, were they excited. They had a blast. Their favorite part was the science area on the fourth floor. They could have stayed there all day.

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  1. We were just there last Wednesday. We have a membership. My kids love that place. My post will be later this week.