Monday, May 16, 2011

New addition to the family

The boys bought four hermit crabs when we were in Gatlinburg. However, only one of them is still with us today. The other three are in graves in the back yard. Two of them have been replaced. I'm not too big on this whole hermit crab thing.

We were planning on buying King's Island passes this summer, but then we re-did the kitchen, went on vacation, and then the SUV broke down in Louisville and so there was really no money left for King's Island. I remember Eric came home one day from work, and told the boys that he would make it up to them by buying them something that they had been wanting for months. If only I knew what he was going to say before he said it, I could have kept my house stress-free. The kids looked at their dad with wide-excited eyes. No one knew what he was going to say....."FISH!" I'm thinking, "Fish, seriously?" But the boys whooped and hollered and cheered. Eric was right; it's what they wanted.

So the next evening, Eric took the boys to get some fish. They came home with 2 big goldfish and 5 little ones, food, and the aquarium. Too bad that by the next morning two of the small goldfish had been sucked up in to the filter because the filter cap had never been placed on it. (WHoops!)

Then I left to go to the store. No lie I was gone less than 30 minutes, and when I came home, I found the murkiest aquarium I had ever seen. Apparently one of the names mentioned.....had thought that the fish would enjoy playing with a painted CLAY BALL! Needless to say, you can imagine what clay does in water. Those poor fish. After redoing the tank for round two, the fish were good.

Unfortunately though, unbeknownst to us the filter was broken now. We didn't realize this for quite some time. Eric cleaned out the tank again (third time), and fixed the filter, or so he thought. A couple of days later the water was so murky that you could barely see the fish swimming around in there. Oh,and did I mention that only the two big ones were left now.

Eric decided that it might be time to go buy a new filter, and they re-did the tank AGAIN for now the fourth time in less than a month. We also bought 5 new medium sized goldfish too.

Even though he had just bought the filter, within a week the filter wasn't working AGAIN. Seriously, he was regretting ever buying the aquarium. I decided to go to Petsmart and get a slightly more expensive filter, at least it was going to be better than the Walmart brand.

Blake switched it all out, and the fish are living happily in their tank now. Well, 6 of them are. I still can't believe the large goldfish have survived all the trauma that they have through.

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