Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kitchen remodeling

Well, after 10 years of nagging, ahem... I mean asking, Eric for a new kitchen. It took a little over a month of living without a kitchen, but I finally got one, and it's FABULOUSO!!! I went from rags to riches on this one. It's awesome! Words can't even describe how awesome it is. Best of all, I got rid of the scratched-up, stained floor and the blue metal cabinets! There's a little more to finish like the trim and some touch up on the paint, but it's awesome.
Here's the closest thing to a before picture. We had already taken out a couple of bottom cabinets, and the floor, but you get the picture! It was HORRIBLE!

Found out that the floor underneath the dishwasher had almost given out, so it had to be replaced.
Our kitchen stuff in our very small dining room.

New, much smaller window. We moved the sink to this wall.

New nice TILE floor

Left side of the coolest kitchen ever

and the right side of the coolest kitchen ever

And my hubby did it all!!!! HE's the man.

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