Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gatlinburg 2011

We took a vacation this year to Gatlinburg. WE get a great deal because we go in the off season. It was crazy because we ended up getting this FABULOUS chalet up in the mountains where it was supposed to be cold, but it was warm all week. We never even wore our jackets. It was fantastic. We did lots of fun things like go up in the space needle (Jakeb hated that!), did a lot of hiking (two trips), mining, the Aquarium, and playing games back at the chalet; but the favorite of all was go-carting! Oh, and maybe the addition of the 4 hermit crabs to our family might have been at the top of the list too. AHHH!! It was probably our best family vacation yet. Can't wait for the next one which will probably be in like 2020!! ha!!!

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