Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wacky Day

I can't believe Makenna let me dress her up wacky. You have to understand this is the girl who gets made when I don't let her pick out her own clothes. If I make a suggestion of shoes or anything, she gets very grumpy and tries to refuse whatever I want her to wear which then always ends badly for her, but one day she'll learn. ANyways, she actually got into the mood to dress wacky and wow, did she look great! She did so good with it, she won!! Who-hoo! that's my girl! Kaleb looked adorable too, by the way, but you have to admit, you can do so much more with girls on wacky day! I mean, the hair alone....wins the prize!


This is the older Master Club from earlier in the year! Yes, that's me. Go ahead, get a good laugh.

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