Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Indian Names

Tonight, everyone in our family received Indian names. Technically the kids are 1/16 Indians. It all started when Blake was helping Eric work in the garage and a tube flew up and whacked Blake right in the nose. Eric was scared it was broken, but thank the Lord, it was only scraped up and slightly swollen. After the shock of being in pain and bleeding was over, I took to calling him Crooked Nose for the rest of the day. Then after that, we thought it would be fun to give everyone Indian names.

Blake - Crooked Nose

Luke - Blazing Buffalo

Jakeb - Crazy Thunder

Kaleb - Blue Fox - (Note: I wanted to call him Blue Star because of his blue sparkling eyes, but he said it was a no-go.)

Makenna - Screeching Owl - (We eventually had to change her name. She wanted Pink Princess, and everytime we would call her, Screeching Owl she would actually live up to her name, so we took to calling her Pink Screeching Owl. That seemed to satisfy her.)

after changing her name

Klaire - Red Arrow

Marshan - White Feather

Eric - Chief Soaring Eagle ( I wanted to call him Chief Gray Bear, but he didn't like that name. I wonder why??)

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